1. How to go to beginning of document in ms word(control+Home)

2.   .ppt represent power point

3.  operating system present in which partition of hardware(c)

4. internet is a network of huge computers.

5.what is needed to open any web(internet server) open any website by connecting(server)

8.who is owner of internet(no one)

9.which of following identify incoming emails.(HTTP) sending and receiving done by…….

11.Browser widely used(chrome)

12.which is not include in word(status ba)

13.In MS WORD both mouse and key board used.

14.Normal display not show(Graphics)

15.In MS WORD How to add footer and header(by insert option) to write footnote in ms word.

17.   how to get vertical orientation of a document

18.    .doc show MS WORD

19. control+z redo to add file in email(by attachment option)

21.chart edit in ppt(by double click)

22.Title slide give brief detail of topic in ppt

23.How to open new slide in ppt.

24.GUI(Graphical interface user)

25. small picture on desktop(ICON)

26.How to close the computer(by start menu option)

27……. is dependent on software(HUMAN,HARDWARE,TASK)

28. Function of Right click of mouse.

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