NTS, PPSC Educators Books, Past Papers & Preparation Data for all Categories 2022 Tests

All data about educators applicant's help , PPSC, NTS Educators is uploaded here, in which Past Papers, Sample Papers, Previous Papers, Previous most repeated MCQS, repeated questions,famous books, AEO preparation data and past papers, all science and arts subjects material, ESE-Science, ESE-Arts,SESEs, SSE's material is available. You can Read online or can download files, all files and books are available in PDF format. A huge collection of PPSC NTS Educators data is uploaded here category-wise in pdf. You can easily download in pdf and prepare your 2022 tests.

More data is being Updated, Stay connected and keep visit, we are working on this area. soon will be uploaded more Educator books and Notes for 2022 Educator's Tests!

Educators Pedagogy MCQs Books & Test Preparation Material

Headmaster/Headmistress Solved MCQs Past Papers & Books Preparation Material

Subject Specialists [SS] Test Preparation Material

Elementary School Educators ESE (BPS-14) Test Preparation Material

PPSC (ESE-GENERAL) Guide- BPS-14, click here

ESE (Arts) BPS-14

ESE (Sci-Math) BPS-14

Senior Elementary School Educators SESE (BPS-15) Test Preparation Material

SESE (Arts) BPS-15

SESE (Science) BPS-15

SESE (Math) BPS-15

SESE (Arabic) BPS-15

SESE (PET) BPS-15 Physical Education Trainer
SESE (DM) BPS-15 Drawing Master
SESE (Computer-Science) BPS-15

SESE (Urdu) BPS-15

SESE (English) BPS-15

Secondary School Educators SSE (BPS-16) Test Preparation Material

SSE (Biology) BPS-16

SSE (Chemistry) BPS-16

SSE (Computer-Science) BPS-16

SSE (English) BPS-16

SSE( Math) BPS-16

SSE (Physics) BPS-16

SSE (Urdu) BPS-16

Assistant Education Officer (AEO) BPS-16

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