Discoveries or Inventions Scientists.

Discoveries or Inventions Scientists.

1. Structure Of  DNA: Watson & Crick
2. Rabies Vaccination: Louis Pasteur
3. Penicillin: Alexander Fleming
4. Genetic Laws of Heredity: Mendel
5. Vaccination against Small Pox: Edward Jenner
6. Solar System: Copernicus
7. Current Electricity: Volta
8. Telephone: Graham Bell
9. Gramophone: Thomas Edison
10. Atomic Number: Mosley
11. Mercury Thermometer: Fahrenheit
12. Dynamite: Alfred Noble
13. Cell: Robert Hooke

14. Television: John Baird
15. X-rays: Roentgen
16. Circulation Of Blood: William Harvey
17. Bicycle: Macmillan
18. Wireless Telegraphy: Signor Marconi
19.  Microorganisms: Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek
20.  Laser: Dr. C. Gilbert
21. Periodic Table: Mendeleev
22. Radium: Madam Marie Curie
23.  Mass/Energy Conversion Equation: Einstein
24. Cement: Joseph Aspdin
25. Simple Microscope: Hans Janssen and Zacharias Janssen
26. Sulphuric, Nitric and Hydrochloric Acid: Jabir Bin Hayan
27. Jet Engine: Frank Whittle
28.  Electricity: Thomas Edison
29. Computer: Charles Babbage
30. Lightening Conductor:  Benjamin Franklin
31. Semiconductor: Bardeen and Brattain
32. Uncertainty Principle: Heisenberg
33. Cyclotron: Ernest Lawrence
34. Electro Magnetic Engine: James Maxwell
35. Internal Combustion Engine: Nikolas August Otto

36. Earth As A Huge Magnet: William Gilbert

37. First Person To Orbit Earth: Yuri Gagarin
38. Water: Henry Cavendish
39. Gravitation: Newton
40. Magnet: Dr. Gilbert
41. E.M Induction: Faraday
42. Energy Quanta: Max Planck
43. Vitamin. C Therapy: Linus Pauling
44. First Clone Of A Sheep: Ian Wilmit
45. Streptomycin: S.A.Waksman
46. Helical Structure Of Protein: Linus Pauling
47. Polio Vaccine: Jonas Salk
48. Nylon: Wallace. H Carothers
49. Radioactivity: Becquerel
50. Safety Match: John Walker
51. Gun Powder: Roger Bacon
52. Jupiter: Galileo
53. Neutron: James Chadwick
54. Earths Radius: Eratosthenes
55. Oxygen: Joseph Priestley
56. Noble Gases: Cavendish
57. Synthesis Of Gene In Laboratory: Hargobind Khorana
58. Earth Revolves Round The Sun: Copernicus
59. Binomial Nomenclature: Carl Von Linnaeus
60. North America: Christopher Columbus
61. Green Land: Robert Peary
62. Transistor: William Bradford Shockley
63. Typewriter: Sholes
64. Bacteriology: Pasteur
65. Laser: Theodore Maiman
66. Father Of Botany: Theophrastus
67. Father Of Zoology: Aristotle
68. Father Of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus
69. Father Of Genetics: Gregor Mendel
70. Cell Theory: Scheilden And Schwann
71. Cholera Bacillus: Robert Koch
72. Theory Of Relativity And Photoelectric Effect: Einstein
73. Insulin: Dr. F.G Banting
74. Nucleus: Robert Brown
75. Chromosome: Waldeyer
76. Ultra Violet Rays: Johann Wilhelm Ritter
77. Law Of Attraction And Repulsion Between Electric Charges: Coulomb
78. Battery: Alessandro Volta
79. Electromagnetic theory: James Clerk Maxwell
80. First Person To Televise Pictures Of Moving Objects: John Logie Baird
81. Antiseptic Medicine: Joseph Lister
82. Cotton Gin: Eli Whitney
83. Big Bang Theory: Georges Lemaitre

84. Electron: J.J Thomson

85. Aeroplane: Wilbur and Orville Wright
86. Steam Railway Locomotive: Richard Trevithick
87. Radio: Marconi
88. Household Vacuum Cleaner: Herbert Cecil Booth
89. Bakelite: Baekeland
90. Windscreen Wipers: Marry Anderson
91. Ballpoint pen: Laszlo And Georg Biro
92. Helicopter: Igor Sikorsky
93. DDT: Paul Muller
94. Blood Banking: Charles Drew
95. AK-47: Mikhail Kalashnikov
96. Integrated Circuit: Robert Noyce
97. Cellular Phone: Dr. Martin Cooper
98. Vitamins: Funk 99. Uranus: Herschel
99. Calculating Machine: Blaise Pascal
100. Tuberculosis: Robert Koch
101. Logarithm Table: John Napier
102. Malaria Parasite: Ronald Ross
103. Zero: Al Khwarizmi
104. Velocity Of Light: Roomer


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