MES test, Kharian (10-01-2020)

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Today’s MES test, Kharian

Total time 60 min
Total question 50 (mcq based)

Isl, pask study, gen knowledge, english and intelligence (10 each)

Some question from the paper (that I remember)

Quran ki last aayah kis surah ki nazil hui,

Hutba hajja tul widah kis hijri mai hua

Pehli hijrat mai kitny loag thay

Kamm-sin (youngest) muslim sipa salaar kon thay

Masjid e nabvi ki tameer k liye zameen ki qeemat kis nay adda kee

Islam k ibtedaaie door (initial time) mai kitni namazay farz thee

Qarar daad e pakistan kis nay paish kee

2nd gov. general of pakistan

UnO k kitny country members hai

There are 15 people, 8 speaks french,7 speaks English, 3 do not speaks english and french,
How many people speak both English and french language?

One arithmetic progression (A.P) was given
1,4,8,16.... is type kee

Longest river of the world

Deepest ocean of the world

Mughal empire kis nay start kee thee

1956 ka aaien (constitution) kis sadar k dour mai bana

Pakistan k maghrib mai kon sa pahari silsala hai


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